Casa 1910 Revolutionary Edition Tierra Blanca Review

Casa 1910 is a premium cigar and lifestyle brand that celebrates and honors the Mexican Revolution. They made their debut in the cigar industry in late 2021 with the release of the Chuchillo Parado, a Mexican puro named after the place the Mexican Revolution began. Obviously this is the cigar that brought my attention to the brand, though I have not actually smoked it. To be honest, Mexican tobacco has not been a selling point for me in a cigar. I’m not turned off to it and, in fact, have enjoyed many cigars that use it as a wrapper or binder. I have just never found a correlation to say that Mexican tobacco really suits my palate enough for me to want to smoke a cigar comprised of only Mexican tobacco.

Well, Casa 1910 may not be the first Mexican puro on the market, but they are the first to make me take the plunge. I have really been drawn to the company, and the new releases for 2022 caught my attention. Interestingly, the Calvary Edition line sold me on trying their cigars because Mexican San Andres is not the primary component to the cigar. I appreciate that they are still paying homage to Mexico by incorporating Mexican tobacco in the blend, but they are willing to utilize other tobaccos to create unique experiences. Now having said that, I am all about trying new things and showing appreciation for a company’s craft and passion - so I am acquainting myself with Casa 1910 by smoking the newly released Tierra Blanca, which is a Mexican puro.

Country of Origin: Mexico

Factory: Undisclosed

Wrapper: Mexican San Andres Negro Maduro

Binder: Mexican San Andres Negro

Filler: Mexican San Andres Negro

Vitola: 6 x 54 Toro

Price: $16.49 MSRP

Release Date: August 2022

Link to Purchase: Guitars & Cigars Farm (Use Code “Review”)

Company Website: 


From this cigar I am expecting bold, robust and darker flavors like earth, leather, black pepper, and wood. It is not uncommon for me to get a mineral note from San Andres tobacco, so I would expect some of that at times. I am hopeful for some sweet components like dark fruit or molasses. I look for the strength to peak around medium to medium-full. I am looking forward to this cigar.

Prelight Characteristics

First, I must say that the packaging on this cigar is spectacular. The presentation of the box is gorgeous and the bands on the cigars are elegant and eye-catching. I am a huge fan of the use of orange and gold. As for the cigar, it is firmly rolled and dense with a dark chocolate wrapper leaf that has plenty of character. It’s got some big veins and rustic seams, but it’s a nice look next to the elegant band. The cigar smells very earthy and has a distinct black pepper note on the foot. The cold draw is straight Copenhagen silver lid snuff - that ripe, sour tobacco taste. 

First Third

First light brings lots of medium-full bodied smoke with medium flavors of toasted nuts, earth, wood, and milk chocolate. Quickly the body and flavor are stepping up near full and there is a bit of char added to the wood and some plum joining the earth. There’s an oily component to the profile. The retrohale is a pretty easy going floral earth and a bit of mustiness. About halfway into the first third the draw is primarily the plum and earth with a bit of sweet black pepper. I do have to do a slight touchup to the burn, as one side is lagging a touch. Closing out the first third some milk chocolate is working itself back into the draw on the finish. 

Second Third

The second is quickly seeing some more sweetness, but also a bit more pepper bite. There’s also a good bit of cream now. Approaching halfway the earthiness and pepper are building, but there’s still a lot of general sweetness - almost like citrus. Halfway I can tell there’s some strength here. The flavor is showing some tannic earthiness and I can feel it a bit in my chest. I have to do another quick wrapper touchup. The second third ends with the retrohale adding some berries to the mix. 

Final Third

The final third is seeing plenty of black pepper, wood, and a bit of tannic earth. Into the primary band the flavors are much the same with the tannins and pepper a touch more prominent. The cigar is performing well, but this thick wrapper continues to have some lagging spots here and there. The retrohale is showing a bit of a mineral component and some cacao. Coming to an end the cigar burned fine since the last touch up. The only flavor change was some of that minerality joining the earth on the draw. 

Overall Experience

Overall I thought this was a good cigar and provided me with a new appreciation for Mexican tobacco. The final burn time was around an hour and 23 minutes and in that time the cigar typically stayed within the lines of earthy, peppery, and woody with varying levels of intensity. There were some additions like milk chocolate, cream, plum, tannins, and berries that made for an overall interesting experience. As I mentioned in the review, the wrapper was quite thick and had some trouble burning completely straight, but nothing some small touch ups couldn’t fix. I’ll certainly smoke these again and I will also certainly be trying the other products they offer. My recommendation is that if you like Mexican tobacco, try one. If you don’t, still try one because I was very impressed with the versatility in this blend. 

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