Chogui Cigars Dos77 Robusto Extra Review

Chogui Cigars was created by Victor Nicolas of the Dominican Republic. According to the Chogui website, Victor started by learning all the stages a cigar goes through before it reaches the consumer. He then became interested in creating a boutique line of cigars he could offer to the Dominican community as a means for them to enjoy their own tobacco. He met his “mentor” Francisco “Chico” Rivas, and with the help of him and his factory, Chogui Cigars was able to release their first blend, the Primera Edicion, in 2013. It was a success in the Dominican and sold out in a month. 

Four more blends were created by late 2017, including the original Dos77 in 2014. However, Victor seemed to exit the cigar business in 2018. In February of this year it was announced that Chogui Cigars would return with this version of the Dos77. I had not smoked the original Dos77, and actually, I have not smoked any Chogui Cigars. I have heard great things about them and I know they were popular amongst cigar nerds, so I knew I needed to get my hands on this return release. 

Country of Origin: Dominican Republic

Factory: Manufactura Rivas

Wrapper: Dominican Corojo

Binder: Dominican Republic

Filler: Dominican Piloto Mejorado

Vitola: 5 ½ x 50 Robusto Extra

Price: $12.00 MSRP

Release Date: April 2022

Company Website:


As I mentioned, I have no experience with any Chogui cigars, so I am kind of winging this based on being a Dominican Puro. I look for a medium flavor experience that’s a bit sweet and spicy with some musty earthiness. It’ll probably be medium to medium-full in body with negligible strength.

Prelight Characteristics

I really like the color choices on this cigar band. I also like the artwork. The has a very clean wrapper with nearly no veins. It’s got a toothy feel and is firmly packed. The cigar smells like creamy cedar and fruits. The cold draw is pretty light but is reminiscent of fruit punch.

First Third

First light is medium in body and flavor. It starts off very wood forward with some subtle spice. It’s quickly becoming more full in flavor. There are some tannins coming in. About halfway into the first third there are less tannins, plenty of wood, some spices, and a bit of earth. There is virtually no sweetness at this point. Coming to the end of the first third the performance has been perfect. There are no notable profile changes.

Second Third

The second starts off more of the same, but after about a quarter to a half inch, a metallic note has joined the earth and wood. The spices are less prominent and there is a bit of a citrus rind bitterness. The halfway point is bringing in some sweet pepper to the mix. The performance has still been flawless. Coming to the end of the second third the metallic note dissipates and the profile becomes more earthy. There’s still some slightly bitter citrus rind and wood in the mix. The retrohale has some baking spices, and a bit of earth.

Final Third

The sweet pepper is really picking up in the beginning of this final third. Into the band point the wood has become oily and the citrus rind bitterness is more of a slightly bitter spice. I am approaching the end of the cigar and the profile is primarily oily wood and some sweet pepper. The performance has been flawless throughout. The retrohale has seen a bit of leather join the earth and spices.

Overall Experience

This cigar had some nice components that I enjoy like spices, wood, sweet pepper, earth, and a touch of a bitter component. However, I think it was missing an opportunity to really balance out the profile with some sweet cream or brown sugar. Overall I think that it was a good cigar if you tend to prefer profiles that aren’t sweet, but as someone that likes to have that sweetness incorporated in this type of profile, I was a little underwhelmed. It performed flawlessly for the hour and 28 minutes burn time, which is always a perk, and I could see myself smoking this again, however, I wouldn’t likely select it over other blends I typically have on hand or see at most retailers. I do, however, look forward to further releases from Chogui, and will likely pick up other vitolas of this as they are released.

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