Crowned Heads Four Kicks Mule Kick Limited Edition 2022 Review

Four Kicks was the inaugural release for Crowned Heads Cigars way back in 2011. A year later the Four Kicks Mule Kick Limited Edition was born. The Mule Kick would not see another release until 2017, and has since been a yearly release (with the exception of 2021. Each iteration has sported a different wrapper leaf over the same blend of binder and filler tobaccos. This year’s release utilizes a Mexican San Andres wrapper. The 2019 Mule Kick may be one of my favorite cigars, or at least certainly my favorite Crowned Heads Cigar, so I am always interested in the line. I am being a bit brave and taking this cigar on early in the morning, as these tend to pack a punch.

Country of Origin: Dominican Republic

Factory: Tabacalera La Alianza S.A.

Wrapper: Mexican San Andres

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

Vitola: 5 ⅞ x 52 Toro

Price: $11.95 MSRP

Release Date: April 2022

Company Website: 


With these releases it's safe to assume full flavor, body, and strength, and that’s what I look for today. In terms of flavors, I am expecting plenty of earth, pepper, and wood, but I also look for some dark fruits, leather, and maybe some creaminess and spices. 

Prelight Characteristics

This thing is rough looking and I dig it. The wrapper is very dark in spots, but lighter in others and there are plenty of veins on the leaf and lumps in the roll. To me, it’s a fitting rustic look for the feel I get from this line. The cigar just smells of damp earth and tobacco. The cold draw is very woody with maybe some raisins on the finish. 

First Third

First light is surprisingly medium in both body and flavor. The draw flavors are wood, anise, a bit of bread, and a touch of damp earth. About a quarter inch in the flavor and body are up to full. There’s a lot of oiliness to the wood. The retrohale has dark fruit, pepper, and leather. About an inch in the draw is showing mainly citrus, oily wood, and a bit of bread and spices. It’s performing well, though I’m keeping an eye on a small segment of wrapper that doesn’t want to keep up. Nearing the end of the first third I do end up making a slight touch up to the wrapper. 

Second Third

The second third is starting to see the profile turn towards the darker spectrum with a bit more damp earth, pepper, and dark fruit, along with some burnt caramel and a bit of charred wood into the finish. Approaching halfway it’s smoking like mad off the foot, but it seems like it wants to tunnel a bit. It’s very full in body and flavor at this point and I can tell there’s some strength in the blend. The wood is back to the forefront and is, again, oily. There is some char to it as well. The second third closes without any issues, the cigar corrected itself nicely. 

Final Third

The final third starts off with the intensity of flavor and strength backing down a notch actually. The draw is very creamy with a plum-like fruitiness followed by some citric tang. There’s still some earthiness in there as well and a bit of wood and dry spice into the finish. Hitting the primary band I would say the strength is medium-full to full, as I am starting to notice some effects. The draw flavors have become more peppery and earthy with a bit of brown sugar sweetness and also a charred meatiness that adds a nice savory component. The retrohale is very easy going, surprisingly, and has some citrus, and meatiness upfront with a bit of pepper into the finish. Coming to an end the cigar seems to have settled into a full bodied, medium-full profile. The flavor components have shown no significant changes and the performance has been perfect. 

Overall Experience

I thought this was a really well done cigar that is fitting for both this line, and a Limited Edition in general. The cigar performed near perfectly through the 1 hour and 50 minute smoking experience. There were some notable transitions in flavor, body, and strength. It started out surprisingly medium with some darker flavor components like anise, wood, damp earth, pepper and dark fruit before stepping up to full body and flavor while adding some brighter notes of citrus, bread, and spices. The middle of the cigar reverted back to a dark profile with more dark fruit, earth, charred wood, and now burnt caramel. The strength also began to ramp up. The final third danced around a bit in flavor and strength before ending around medium with earth, pepper, and some savory meatiness, but not before showcasing some creamy, citrus, and plum. I think this cigar, from a strength perspective, is geared towards an experienced smoker, but offers a lot in terms of flavors and could be enjoyed by anyone. This was well done and gets a nod from me.

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