Farm Work Sessions: Room101 12th Anniversary

After running to a few different places after work to get chicken feed, pig feed, pine shavings, bedding pellets, and pumpkins for animal treats I have some work around the farm to do. It is a chilly afternoon here so I made some decaf in the Aeropress, grabbed a cigar I hope will have a darker profile, and I am off to clean the drylot, barn, and chicken coop. Then I have to put a new battery in the farm Camry. 

Side note - I get some funny looks at farm supply places when I tell them the feed, straw bales, grass seed, etc is going to the 2010 Toyota Camry. Well let me tell you, the Camry is a beast and the most fuel efficient farm vehicle around these parts! It’s moved its fair share of farm and home goods, it’s transported our pigs, hell it’s even my go to hunting vehicle and has hauled deer in the trunk with room to spare. 

Anyways, let’s get going with this Farm Work Sessions Review.

Country of Origin: Nicaragua

Factory: Tabacalera AJ Fernandez

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Maduro

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

Vitola: 6 x 52 Toro

MSRP: $11.00 MSRP

Release Date: July 2021

Company Website: (seems inactive)

I was not overly impressed with the 10th or 11th Anniversary cigars from Room101. They were note bad by any means, but they did not stand out to me. The appearance of this cigar is off to a good start in terms of standing out. I love the color choice of the band, I always love the Room101 flower, and I really like the choice to accent a single leaf on the flower with a Gold color, as well as the “12”. The wrapper on this cigar is quite dark and goes great with the band color. It is a super clean, seamless, toothy wrapper. The pack is quite firm and feels dense. The cigar smells super cedary and the cold draw is musty dates. First light is full flavor and body with tons of pepper and slightly bitter earth. There’s a little dark cherry on the back end and into the finish, as well as some wood. The draw is quite loose. About a half inch in and the dark cherry has become a candied cherry on the draw.  It takes a couple puffs to get a good amount of smoke. About an inch in and the flavor is down to medium-plus. The draw is a palate drying wood note with a little pepper and a very slight sweetness. The retrohale pulls more of the cherry sweetness and some cocoa. The profile is a bit bland if you don’t retrohale, but when you retrohale it is very nice. The cigar requires a small touch up moving into the second third. This second third is quite consistent with the first third. Medium-plus in flavor, medium body, and no noticeable strength. The flavors have been a little hard to discern, but I will say the overall profile is decadent with some savory notes to balance. Halfway it’s still needing double puffs to get smoke output. The cocoa is becoming more prominent and there is no cherry right now. There is still some woodiness and a little pepper. Entering the final third the body and flavor come up to full. There’s more earth, a little more wood, and the candied cherry is back on the finish. Around the band, the draw flavors are showing that palate drying wood note again with some earth and a bit of cocoa. I have to do a small touch up here. Ending at about an hour and a half the flavors are ending quite decadent again with more cocoa and that candied cherry note more prominent, along with a little earth, wood, and pepper. 

Overall this cigar was a quite enjoyable straight shooter. The flavors were pretty much consistent throughout with some rebalancing here and there. Given the types of flavors and the medium to full range of this cigar, it was surprisingly elegant. This is in the sense that I would ordinarily expect this type of cigar to be stronger and more dominant in one flavor note or another. However, in this 12th Anniversary, the flavors worked together and maintained balance. I would definitely smoke more of these, and may pick up some more before they are gone, as this is a limited release. This cigar seems like it would be perfect for an evening, wind down cigar. It doesn’t require much attention and seems like it would pair well with a toasty fire. 

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