Great Gift Ideas For the Whiskey Fan

We all know someone who loves whiskey, drinks whiskey, or looks at whiskey occasionally. For that person, you have to know what the right type of gift is and if it pertains to them. I will break down gift ideas into three levels; Just above bottom shelf, Starting to Tater, Only buys store picks.

Just Above Bottom Shelf

This is someone who is just getting into whiskey. They know enough to buy things other than Jack Daniels and Jim Beam White Label. So, what do you buy them?

  • Whiskey Stones - This is something that can help them learn whether they enjoy chilled whiskey or on the rocks whiskey. Using stones prevents diluting but can introduce someone into higher proof offerings without as much of the bite.
  • Ice Molds - Like whiskey stones, this is used to chill the whiskey, but instead dilutes the whiskey over time. There is nothing wrong with sipping whiskey on the rocks, I still do it from time to time, it can be a nice change of pace.
  • Brand gear - This is good for anyone really. But, no matter what they sip, they have a brand preference. Get their shirt size or figure out if they like having cool memorabilia. This can include leather coasters, hats, ink pens, etc. There really can be no wrong.
  • Whiskey Glasses -  No need to go fancy, but don’t go cheap either. Some nice rocks glasses or a glencairn can go a long way!

Starting to Tater

This is someone who has been into whiskey for awhile, searches mostly for allocated bourbons and absolutely wants Blanton’s.

  • Nicer whiskey glasses - some crystal or brand specific glass wear would be perfect! Do they enjoy Wild Turkey? Get them an etched glass from the gift shop! Find out if they are fans o any particular whiskey personality or influencer and help support a small business as well!
  • No ice molds or stones here, get them a decanter - This level pretty much knows how they want to drink their whiskey. Stones and molds would be of no use, unless you know they don’t have any. A decanter can be used for many things for someone of this level. Decanters also come in all sorts of styles and materials - so do some research!
  • Distillery Tours - By now, this level of sipper wants to see the promise lands. If you are outside of the motherland of bourbon, plan a nice vacation or weekend trip. Tours can sell out quick, but this makes an awesome gift for everyone! Learn history, try their different expressions, and possibly find some allocated bottles.

Only Buys Store Picks

This is someone who really knows what they want in the world of whiskey. They no longer shop for allocated bottles, they like to find stores that pick amazing barrels, and they no longer snob cheaper bottles.

  • Reintroduce them to cheaper bottles - Ask around, search online and see if there are bottles under a certain price point everyone should try. This is fun and can sometimes make this person want to try a whole new brand.
  • Home Decor - Barrel staves, leather, customer prints. There are tons of great artist here in Kentucky that create wonderful whiskey based art or produce some sweet leather goods. Need something of the barrel stave sort? Look no further! W&W’s has everything you need!
  • Private Tasting Classes - Why not expand their knowledge and do something fun for the both of you? Find a local (or not) restaurant, bar, or club that holds private tastings. No one is too experienced to do a flight of whiskey while also making it a teaching moment. This can be fun since it helps connect with other people who share the passion of whiskey!
  • Whiskey history Books - Look, I get it, you are probably thinking this is meant more for someone who is knew to whiskey, but hear me out! The avid whiskey fan knows a lot, researched a lot, and may or may not sip a lot. There are some amazing authors and writers in the whiskey world who do some extensive research and can uncover some crazy facts that  may surprise you! 

No matter what level of whiskey fan you’re buying for, there is something for them. This is a small, yet great start of what to shop for! I didn’t go into brands and websites because there are so many out there!


As always, feel free to reach out to me on Instagram under @mydailybourbon 

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