Standard & Twain Blind Tasting: July ‘22

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This is my seventh month with this subscription and I have to say that I continue to be pleased month to month. I haven’t loved every cigar that I have received, but that’s kind of the point. You can’t possibly like everything you try, but you have to try different things to better understand what you do enjoy. The biggest concerns for me with monthly cigar subscriptions are: Are you getting a good variety of brands, vitolas, and types of tobaccos? Are you getting value? The answer to these questions is emphatically “Yes.”

Cigar No. 147

Appearance: This, what looks like a 7 x 50 Churchill, cigar has a fairly clean, paper bag brown wrapper. The cigar is firmly packed and pretty heavy. The wrapper looks like Ecuadorian Habano maybe. It smells very nutty and creamy with some spices. The cold draw is like raisin bread - raisins, grains, and cinnamon. I really dig the prelight characteristics of this cigar.

Smoking Experience: First light brings medium-full bodied smoke with medium flavors of sugar, charred wood, earth, and a little black pepper. A quarter inch in, something came up that pulled me away so I had to purge the cigar and let it go out. I’m not a wasteful person, so I didn’t toss this. After a few hours I cut about an inch off and put it in a bag with a Boveda cause I knew I wasn’t getting back to it till the evening. Unfortunately I can no longer give an accurate depiction of the cigar, so my tasting notes end here, however, I did smoke about another 45 minutes of what was left of this cigar. It performed well in that time and there were no “off” flavors, but I am sure the profile was impacted in some way. 

Predictions: Due to the aforementioned circumstances, I can’t really make an accurate prediction.

Reveal Page: Standard & Twain No. 147 

Parting Thoughts: Regrettably I was unable to give this a fair shot, but the cigar looked great, had awesome prelight notes, and started strong for the few minutes I could smoke it. However, at this time, I can’t give a formal opinion or recommendation. Fortunately, I have this blend in a different vitola to review, so I will get a chance to showcase it again.  

Cigar No. 148

Appearance: This doesn’t seem like a 6x50 Toro, it seems slightly shorter. The cap looks like it was a fanned cap that got snipped. The wrapper is darker than an Ecuadorian Connecticut, but still that tan color. The vein structure and color could lead me to believe it is light Ecuadorian Habano or a Dominican leaf. The cigar is fairly firm and heavy. It smells of creamy leather and spice. The cold draw is a soft, earthy fruitiness.

Smoking Experience: First light is medium- full bodied smoke with medium flavors of a slightly musty earth, charred wood, cream, and soft spice. There’s definitely Dominican tobacco in this. The retrohale has some slightly bitter, musty grassiness, citrus, and some wood.  About an inch in the charred wood has dropped out. There’s a lot of nice creamy spices and earth. There’s a bit of cane sugar sweetness on the finish as well. The performance has been flawless. Midway into the second third I got a salted hard pretzel note that was interesting and unique. The retrohale has some savory creaminess and spices. I’m enjoying this cigar quite a bit. I still think there’s a fair amount of Dominican in the blend, but I’m not sold on a Dominican Puro. The second third is ending with some pepper joining the draw and some burnt vanilla in the retrohale. The final third has become full flavored and is starting to show some oily pepper and a bit more musty earth. Hitting where the band would be there’s a lot of sweet oily pepper, some charred wood, and a bit of musty earth. The retrohale has some brown sugar, vanilla, and pepper. I am pretty confident this is not a Dominican Puro. I’m thinking the wrapper may be Ecuadorian, and the filler may have some Nicaraguan. Coming to an end at an hour and 25 minutes, the performance has remained flawless throughout. The flavors haven’t made any notable changes.

Predictions: My best prediction at this is an Ecuadorian Habano Wrapper, Dominican Binder, and Dominican and Nicaraguan Filler. I think there is more Dominican inside this, hence the binder choice.

Reveal Page: Standard & Twain 148

Parting Thoughts: I enjoyed this cigar quite a bit. The musty earth, at times, was a bit too forward, but there was always something else there to add some depth. There were also some very unique flavors like the salted hard pretzel and burnt vanilla. I also enjoyed all the creaminess and sweetness that balanced some of the savory, earthy, and peppery flavors throughout. The performance was impeccable as well. I would smoke this cigar again and think it is recommendable. Upon the reveal, I am quite impressed with what this cigar was and also think this was a really neat cigar to include in this month's pack! It appears I was correct on the filler, but off on the wrapper, and maybe the binder.

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