Standard & Twain Blind Tasting: June '22

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This is my sixth month with this subscription and I have to say that I continue to be pleased month to month. I haven’t loved every cigar that I have received, but that’s kind of the point. You can’t possibly like everything you try, but you have to try different things to better understand what you do enjoy. The biggest concerns for me with monthly cigar subscriptions are: Are you getting a good variety of brands, vitolas, and types of tobaccos? Are you getting value? The answer to these questions is emphatically “Yes.”

Cigar No. 143

Appearance: This cigar looks like a 5 1/2” - 6” x 50 Figurado. Kind of an interesting Figurado really, with only the ends tapering for about a half inch. The wrapper is tan and fairly veiny. Based on appearance I would say it is likely Ecuadorian Habano. 

Smoking Experience: I get nothing on the nose for this cigar. The cold draw is also quite faint - just a little Raisin Bran cereal. The cigar starts off with a lot of bitter citrus rind, tannins, and pepper. Cresting the tapered portion the cigar still has some citrus, but little rind bitterness. There’s some baking spice and bread with just the slightest brown sugar sweetness on the end. The retrohale has some sweet and spicy pepper along with some earthiness. Right now, I think it’s safe to say there’s Nicaraguan in the blend, but I’m also thinking there may be some Dominican. The body is medium and the flavor is around medium to medium-full. There’s not a ton of smoke. The first third closed out with perfect performance and just a little wood coming back in. Halfway into the cigar and there are no real changes to the profile or my predictions on the blend. It’s still performing well. I’m getting into where the band would be and the profile has become more peppery in flavor with some heat, along with some toasted nuts and earth. I have to do the first burn correction for a small canoe. Coming to an end at an hour and 17 minutes, there’s nothing new to really report.

Predictions: I’m torn whether it’s all Nicaraguan or Nicaraguan & Dominican in the filler. Either way, I am sticking with an Ecuadorian Habano Wrapper.

Reveal Page: Standard & Twain No. 143 

Parting Thoughts: I thought this was an average, solid cigar. It performed perfectly until a minor touch up was needed in the final third. The profile was pretty linear with the only changes really being existing flavors faded while others became prominent. The only transition, really, was the addition of toasted nuts in the final third. This is in the category of, I wouldn’t buy this or necessarily recommend this, but I’d smoke it if someone gave it to me. As for my predictions, I was on track with the filler not being solely Nicaraguan, but I was not correct with the other component. I have never had this cigar, but have it in another vitola in my review lineup. I’m curious to see how the other vitola compares.

Cigar No. 144

Appearance: This cigar appears to be a 6 x 50 box pressed toro. The wrapper is super smooth in texture with some prominent veins on one side. It’s fairly dark brown and maybe a Habano leaf or dark Corojo. 

Smoking Experience: The cigar smells of a general tobacco and cedar. The Cold draw is sweet milk chocolate and a touch of spice. First light is medium-full bodied smoke with full flavors of baking spices, leather, earth, and a general Nicaraguan, sweet pepper. Nearing an inch in there is quite a bit of baking spice still. The retrohale has some pepper spice, creamy texture, and baking spices. It’s kind of reminiscent of a Sumatran wrapped, Nicaraguan filled cigar. The first third closed out with perfect performance and no changes to the profile. Nearing halfway there is a bit of a charred, tannic wood note peaking in. The retrohale is a bit less creamy and shows some minerality. Nearing the end of the second third the char and tannins have come down a bit, but it is still woody. The performance has been flawless still. Entering the final third the flavors have shifted to pepper and earth up front with a nice, creamy baker’s chocolate on the finish. Coming to an end at an hour and 23 minutes the profile became more earthy and peppery. The cigar performed great to the end.

Predictions: The first third had me thinking it could maybe be a Sumatran wrapper, but I think it’s either some Habano wrapper. I would definitely say Nicaraguan binder and fillers.

Reveal Page: Standard & Twain 144 

Parting Thoughts: Overall I thought this was a solid offering. It was pretty straight forward with earth, pepper, different woody notes, and baking spices. I did really enjoy the pepper and creamy baker’s chocolate in the final third. I would smoke this again, but don’t know that I’d buy multiples to have on hand because I don’t think it is super unique. Upon the reveal I can confirm I’ve never had it, at least not that I recall, but was not surprised by the reveal as it seems in line with most things I have had from this company.

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