Tatuaje Monster Mash Series Review: Jason

Originally released as a 7 ½ x 52 Double Corona in October 2013, the Jason, released as the JV13, is the 6th Monster after Frank, Wolf, Drac, Face, and Mummy. As with the other releases, 666 dress boxes were released with 31 going to each member of the “Unlucky 13”. An additional 4500 plain boxes were also released making this the largest Monsters release. This cigar is one I regularly hear called out as a favorite of the series. I must say this is, in my opinion, the most intimidating and powerful looking cigar of the series and is certainly paying proper homage to Jason Vorhees. I should also remark, this is one of my favorite dress boxes.

Country of Origin: Nicaragua

Factory: My Father Cigars S.A.

Wrapper: U.S.A Connecticut Broadleaf

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

Vitola: 6 x 52 Toro

Release Date: September 2021

Company Website: https://www.tatuajecigars.com/


I’ve heard a lot of good feedback on this blend so I have pretty high expectations. I look for classic Tatuaje broadleaf flavors. Earth, charred wood, cocoa, and pepper. Full flavor, full body, and strength that creeps up to full. It is a chilly, windy day here and this cigar fits my preference for this weather, so I am looking forward to it.

Prelight Characteristics

The wrapper is very dark and toothy. It’s a quite rustic looking leaf. Like I mentioned, this is an intimidating cigar, even at 1 ½” shorter than the original behemoth of a cigar. The bright red band sticks out against the wrapper, but I am not a huge fan of it. The pack is slightly spongy and out of round. The cold draw brings rich dark chocolate and a little pepper. The cigar smells of barnyard and ammonia. For being a very large cigar, it is lightweight.

First Third 

First light brings flavors of very gritty earth and lots of pepper. The draw is incredibly loose. There is a ton of thick smoke that coats the mouth. A few puffs in and this is classic Tatuaje broadleaf stuff. There’s loads of pepper and earth with some charred wood. There is a bit of bitterness on the finish and there is a molasses-like sweetness on the back end. I’m concerned about this overly loose draw. The burn is already acting a bit funky and the cigar is acting like it's gonna need some frequent puffing, at least as of now. The smoke is still quite gritty, like at times I feel like there is sand in my teeth. The retrohale, at this point, isn’t for the faint at heart, but worth toughing out if you can because it brings a nice pepper heat to the experience and loads of leather. Halfway through the first third the draw flavors are still primarily earthy with a little cocoa in there now. There's still pepper and molasses that creep on the finish and the wood and bitterness are in and out. The draw is improving and the performance seems to be as well. Nearing the end of the first third the flavors are unchanged, still classic full body and flavor Tatuaje broadleaf. There is a section of the wrapper that started to waver, so I dropped the ash and let it correct. 

Flavor - 3.5/4

Performance - 2/3

Experience - 2/3

Overall - 7.5/10

Second Third

The second third begins the same as the first third ended with the exception of the smoke, somehow, becoming even thicker and taking on an oily texture. The part of the wrapper that wavers is going to need to be touched up, although it gave it its best try at correcting. This cigar is smoking fairly quickly it seems. Nearing halfway a little citrus is coming in on the finish but it doesn’t stick around long. The retrohale has calmed down a bit and is showing come creaminess with the leather and pepper. The grittiness had subsided near the end of the first third but it is appearing again. Some strength is already starting to creep in. It is at about a medium. Just in time for my belly to start grumbling as it anticipates dinner… It is starting to tunnel a bit and needs some attention, but I caught it before it went too far. Nearing the end of this third the molasses-like sweetness is picking up on the retrohale and a popcorn note is on the finish with some charred wood.

Flavor - 3.5/4

Performance - 1.5/3

Experience - 2/3

Overall - 7/10

Final Third

Starting the final third the molasses is becoming present on the draw. The wood is becoming more prominent and more like oak. The earth has taken on a mustiness. The smoke is still extremely thick and oily. It coats the lips and leaves a pepper zing on them. The other side of the wrapper needed a quick touch up, but it is such a thick leaf, I am impressed with the burn overall. There is a little citrus peaking back in on the draw. The retrohale is getting intense again and is primarily pepper and leather still. So I feel like the pepper is becoming more of a cinnamon, but I don’t know if I am being persuaded by the red band as the burn is approaching it. I needed to do another touchup. I should mention the draw has been good this whole third. I am glad it snugged up a bit fairly early on. The strength is up to a full to match the body and flavor. There is an acidic or tannic quality coming in at the band. Coming to an end the pepper has really ramped up and is primary. There’s still some earth and charred wood, as well as some of that acidic/tannic note.

Flavor - 3/4

Performance - 1.75/3

Experience - 2/3

Overall - 6.75/10

Overall Experience

As I mentioned while smoking this cigar, it was classic Tatuaje broadleaf. Bold and powerful, which are fitting to the character it was based off of. I did really enjoy this cigar. The flavors were solid and balanced, which is impressive given the boldness of them. There also was some complexity and flavor shifting that was nice and always adds to the enjoyment level. I was glad that when the strength started to show, it didn’t go full tilt right away. The only reason this didn’t get a little higher of a bump for the Experience category was because this had all the great things that regular production Tatuaje broadleaf cigars have, and not really anything else. So, unfortunately, it was a little underwhelming there. The performance also was not really troublesome, but it wasn’t perfect. The cigar ended at an hour and 20 minutes, had the draw been more snug at the beginning this could have seen probably another 15-20 minutes. 

Final Score - 7.08/10

This Monster Mash box was purchased by me through UpDown Cigar in Chicago. Feel free to reach out to me with questions, concerns, criticisms, or just to talk at @guitarsandcigarsfarm on Instagram, or via email at trevor@whiskeyandwhitetails.com.

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