Woodworking Sessions: Lampert Cigars 1593 Edición Blanca Toro

I’ve got some work to do one some projects in the garage today. I’m going to sand and paint an ashtray I am working on and finish up some small details on some guitar bodies. For my cigar today I grabbed the Lampert Cigars 1593 Edición Blanca. This Toro is a soft launch released to Small Batch Cigars in preparation for a national release in early 2023. I am very interested in this cigar as it’s Lampert’s first release with this factory and the first with all Dominican binder and fillers. Not to mention I’m always happy with what Lampert puts out!

Country of Origin: Dominican Republic

Factory: Julián Sued & Compañía

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano 2000

Binder: Dominican 

Filler: Dominican

Vitola: 6 x 52 Toro

Price: $15.00 MSRP

Release Date: July 2021 (Small Batch Cigar Soft Launch)

Company Website: www.lampertcigars.com 

This wrapper is very oily and a bit splotchy. I love this band a lot. I always love the Lampert Crest on the bands, but I really like this color combination. The cigar smells like caramel, cedar, and spices. The cold draw is faint berries and musty earth. First light brings medium-full bodied and flavored smoke with notes of sweet vanilla, cream, and nuts. A couple more puffs brings in some toast and spices. About 3/4” in the draw is more of a burnt vanilla, toast, raw walnuts, and cane sugar sweetness. Halfway through the first third the draw has seen a flavor transition. It’s more of a subtle honey, wood, and spices. The retrohale is very easy going with some of the honey, a bit of mustiness, and some nuttiness. The performance has been perfect. Into the second third there’s some earth and subtle pepper joining the honey and wood. There are spontaneous moments of vanilla that pop up. Hitting the halfway point the flavors and body are up to full. There’s some oiliness joining the draw and an increase in pepper. The finish is showing some slightly bitter grassiness. There’s still some vanilla here and there in the draw, but the retrohale is more vanilla forward now. There’s a bit of a paper note in the retrohale as well. Entering the final third there’s not much to report, except maybe the addition of a saltiness on the palate. Into the band point the profile continues to roll along, maybe with a bit more grassiness and there is some more nuttiness back in. Coming to an end at an hour and 49 minutes the only profile change was even more pepper coming in. The performance was great to the end. 

Overall Experience

Overall I enjoyed this cigar. I thought it offered a much different smoking experience than anything I’ve had from Lampert, to this point. There weren’t an over abundance of types of flavors, but there were some nice transitions in flavors that made for an interesting experience. I really enjoyed the nuttiness, moments of vanilla, honey, and toast. However, I also enjoyed the pepper build in the final third. It’s also worth noting the perfect performance throughout the smoking experience. I look forward to these becoming regular production and certainly recommend giving these a try.

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