Zaffiri Precision Glock 19 Build

Something a little different for us around here! When hunting season is out we have to find something to occupy our time so why not build a couple of Glocks, well sort of...

As you may know, we spend a weekend with the Snipers Unknown Challenge team each year and while we don't have somewhere to do long range shooting, we do have somewhere to shoot pistols! So why not build some and have a good time at the range working on our skills. 

I have been looking for a Gen5 Glock 19 for a while and stumbled across one at a pawn shop that was modified from the factory by Apollo Customs and has a "sniper grey" Cerakote finish. The first goal was to get a Holosun optic on it and a light to balance it all out. After researching slide milling and all of that mess, I decided I to go the aftermarket route and preserve my OEM slide, as I have heard horror stories from friends about modifying Glocks.

That led me to Zaffiri Precision  and their line of custom pistol accessories. At the time, I wasn't an overly flashy guy so I wanted to stay as close to OEM as possible and purchased the RTS slide. Well, that is where it took a turn and I found the color "Spectrum". 

It didn't take long for me to put this piece together but one thing of note, the Gen5 trigger bar is different and you will have to swap that out in order to work. My particular trigger didn't have push pins, so I had to bust the trigger off and toss it. No big deal, the "Finger Blaster" was an awesome upgrade. You can also see in that photo a matching spectrum extractor, that will not work on the Gen5 so sadly, it couldn't be used. 

Other than those two things, it was an easy assembly and it was off to the range to dial in the optic. Good times had by all until... I was browsing their site again and saw a Polymer 80 (Gen3) build that included their "whisper stick" suppressor. It was beautiful! So I had to buy that also and wait 9 months for the suppressor to show up (hurry up November).

The package arrived to my FFL and it was time to put it together. If you know us, this won't come as a surprise.. but I didn't even make it home before I had it assembled and ready to fire. Which of course led to another quick run to the gun range to dial in the suppressor sights. 

First impressions, I think the Polymer 80 lower is superior to the actual Glock frame on my Gen5 and I enjoy shooting it a lot more. The Gen3 Finger blaster (on the Gen3) is also a very different feel than the modified Gen5 bar. I like them both for different reasons, but if I had to pick just one to own, it would be the Polymer 80 build. 

Huge thank you to Zaffiri for working with me through these two builds and having spot on customer service! I am looking forward to building another one! 

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