Whiskey & Whitetails is the bi-product of great friends sharing great whiskey around the fire at deer camp, discussing the day’s hunt and life in general. A tradition that has been a part of hunting, exploring and even war parties throughout history. Our Mission? To embrace and cultivate the time-honored traditions of fellowship and camaraderie that are synonymous with whiskey and outdoor enthusiasts. We believe that our passion for both whiskey and hunting is something shared by many, and we aim to create products and content that provide value to people who share those passions.


Whiskey & Whitetails creates high quality hand made whiskey barrel products and original digital media in the form of a Podcast, YouTube channel and more. Every single whiskey barrel is unique in how it ages through time, heat, cold and the spirits carefully curated and placed inside. With each barrel comes a unique array of barrel staves, each of varying size and character. Our hand crafted whiskey barrel products capture the individual characters of the staves from which they were built. Because we hand craft our products from carefully selected whiskey barrels, each item is unique in and unto itself. No two items will ever be identical so you can rest assured that when you purchase a product for your home, bar, hunt lodge or gear room, it is unique and truly one of a kind. Our podcast and YouTube channels publish content focused on whiskey, whitetail hunting and general life and outdoor topics. Think of it like joining us at the campfire around camp. If you like that idea, you'll love our Patreon even more!



Whiskey & Whitetails provides an immersive, interactive and through provoking whiskey tasting experience for your hunting or sportsman's club, private event or corporate event. The Whiskey & Whitetails Experience takes a historical and cultural approach to a whiskey class, focusing on the integral part whiskey has played in American history and how it's influenced changes in our culture. This experience can be customized to fit your needs and audience size. Please reach out to us for more information and to discuss how you might like your own Whiskey & Whitetails Experience created.