Whiskey and cigars belong together. The flavors and aromas complement each other like few things in this world. Naturally, when we created Whiskey & Whitetails our social scene and interactions often involved cigars.

We found anawesome partner to work with in Guitars & Cigars Farm, LLC. Since the beginning, they have provided fantastic cigar content in our Journal and built us a phenomenal custom guitar out of whiskey barrel heads for a veteran charity auction.

We're proud to say that our Guitars & Cigars Farm has decided to expand its operation and we are 100% here for it. Below, you will find links to their current cigar offerings. We will keep this page updated with the latest links to awesome cigar options that you can explore while supporting an awesome business and continually growing partnership and friendship!

"Top 5" Reviews of Quarter 1 of 2022

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This sampler contains 5 cigars I reviewed for Whiskey & Whitetails in Q1 ‘22 that stood out to me. I don’t necessarily like the wording “Top 5”, as it implies there’s a rank. In reality, these cigars are the ones that stuck out to me the most because they hit my palate the best, surprised me, or showed me something unique.

Check out my article where I discuss this sampler here. There are links to all the reviews in the article.

Included in this sampler are:

1 - 3 Kingdoms Toro by Stolen Throne Cigars
1 - 1675 Edicion Azul Robusto by Lampert Cigars
1 - Kintsugi Robusto by Alec Bradley Cigars
1 - Mi Querida Triqui Traca No 448 by Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust
1 - The Deseret by Apostate Cigars

Every sampler is packed with a 65% RH Boveda pack and all packaging material is recyclable, and/or compostable packaging materials from Eco Enclose.
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