Artificial Intelligence for Saddle Hunting Advice?!

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Can Artificial Intelligence Be a Reliable Source for Hunting Advice?

Machine learning can be a powerful tool to generating ideas, creating content and solving complex problems. But, would anyone have thought it could be a useful and reliable tool for hunting advice? We got curious about this very question and decided to put ChatGPT's hunting expertise to the test.

We asked ChatGPT a series of questions about tree saddle hunting specifically and were quite surprised at the output it provided. We discussed these responses in depth on our recent Whiskey & Whitetails podcast episode, which you can check out on our website here, on YouTube or anywhere you listen to podcasts!

The series of responses below show a good bit a promise in using ChatGPT to generate useful advice for hunting. The key, with any machine learning platform, is in the way you frame and ask the questions. If you decide to try this for yourself, we recommend asking the question multiple times and being as specific in your request as you possibly can. Check out the questions and responses below and head over to our YouTube or other social media and let us know your thoughts!

ChatGPT Saddle Hunting Question 1

ChatGPT Saddle Hunting Question 2

ChatGPT Saddle Hunting Question 3

ChatGPT Saddle Hunting Question 4

As you can see the responses aren't bad. They hit most of the main points you'd expect and actually offer some solid insight in several instances. As the first question suggests, these responses are aimed a new saddle hunters. So while the responses may seem generic or broad, in that context they're exactly the type of responses you'd provide a new saddle hunter or expect to receive.

As we mentioned above, let us know your thoughts and if you'd like to see us do more to play with artificial intelligence and test what it can generate.

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