Julian Sued Tabac Restaurador Mareva Review

It has been a minute since I did a cigar review… I have been smoking plenty, but I have been so busy with various things that my time and interest to do reviews has dwindled, unfortunately. 

I do believe that these reviews can be valuable to some readers and, to be honest, they’re valuable to me. When I review cigars I pay more attention to what I am smoking, as opposed to just burning one down. I also am able to put some practice on my pulling out flavor notes - something I don’t just casually do when I smoke.

I decided this morning would be my return to the game and I elected to do it with the Julian Sued Tabac Restaurador Mareva - a wonderful little Dominican Puro! Now, full disclosure, this is only my second cigar since getting sick last week. My palate may not be completely recovered.

Country of Origin: Dominican Republic

Factory: Julián Sued & Compañía

Wrapper: Dominican Habano 2000

Binder: Dominican Criollo ‘98

Filler: Dominican Republic

Vitola: 5 ½ x 42 Mareva

Price: $7.00 MSRP

Link to Purchase: The Cigar Farm (Use code “WW10” to save 10%!)

I have smoked this cigar several times, and I always enjoy it. This particular one is quite firmly packed and sports a velvety, medium brown that has a slight reddish hue. It smells quite earthy and bready. First light brings about medium bodied smoke with medium-full flavors of dry nuts and baking spices. The retrohale adds some earthiness and a touch of sweetness. Quickly there is some citrus and pepper joining the fray. Entering the second third the profile is primarily bready, citrusy, and floral with a touch of a tangy bitterness (not a bad bitterness) that makes my mouth water. The retrohale is still earthy and hanging onto the same sweetness. Passing halfway the performance has been flawless. There’s some baking spices taking over the palate again with plenty of citrus. Into the secondary band there is a good bit of black pepper on the tongue. The retrohale is still chugging along much of the same. Coming to an end at just over an hour the profile remained unchanged. 

Overall Experience

Overall this was an enjoyable smoke, as always. This one seemed a bit more on the earthier, peppery side than others, however, that could be a result of my palate not being 100%. You’ll like this cigar if you like baking spices and citrus. Those are two overarching flavors I get in this cigar. You won’t like this cigar if you prefer dark flavor profiles like damp earth, leather, dark fruit, etc.  

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