Luthier Sessions: Lampert Cigars 1675 Edición Azul Robusto

I have been calling the reviews I do while guitar building “Woodworking Sessions”, but since this has taken shape as a guitar, I am pivoting to “Luthier Sessions”. For this Luthier Session I am smoking the Lampert Cigars 1675 Edición Azul Robusto. I have previously smoked the Short Robusto, but did not review it. There was a lot I liked in that Short Robusto and have been looking forward to giving a larger size a try. This cigar was blended by Indiana Ortez for Lampert Cigars and, according to the website,:   

    “This cigar blends the citrus notes of a high Peruvian priming (ligero) together with fillers grown, fermented, and aged by the ORTEZ family in the Jalapa and Condega valleys. The combination of the five-year-old Peruvian Pelo de Oro with three and four aged fillers delivers a decadent, smooth, and flavorful experience.”

I really like how forthcoming Lampert Cigars is with this blend. I always appreciate that because it helps consumers better understand what they are smoking. I also should note that I didn’t read that off the website until after smoking this. I say that because I did pull citrus notes in this cigar, like they called out in the description. Anyways, onto the review.

Country of Origin: Nicaragua

Factory: Fabricas AGROTOBACOS

Wrapper: Ecuador

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Jalapa & Condega (Nicaragua), Pelo de Oro Ligero (Peru)

Vitola: 5 x 50 Robusto 

Price: $11.00 MSRP

Link to Purchase: Guitars & Cigars Farm

Release Date: March 2021

Company Website: 

I love the band color scheme on this cigar. It looks clean and elegant against this medium brown wrapper. I don’t really know what the artwork is, but I don’t mind not knowing because I do like it. The cigar is firmly packed and medium in density. I get hardly any scent from this. Maybe just a hint of cedar. The cold draw is ginger snap cookies all the way. First light is met with full bodied and flavored smoke. The draw is quite toasty and woody with a touch of earth and pepper. There’s a little nuttiness on the finish. The retrohale is creamy leather and baking spices. There’s a ton of smoke on the draw here. About a 1/2” in there’s a bit of that ginger spiciness coming in on the draw. Nearing the end of the first third there’s a bit of cacao coming in on the retrohale. The draw is starting to show some slightly sweet cream come into play with the primary notes being toast, wood, and still some ginger. The body and flavor remain full and it’s smoking wonderfully. Moving into the second third it’s becoming a bit earthier. The retrohale is showing some citrus notes. Around halfway it’s starting to require a little extra puffing and it almost went out on me. I got it going well again and this added some char to the wood. Coming to the end of the second third it's still holding loads of toast with some spices, wood, and earth. The profile reminds me a lot of my go to cigar (I won’t mention another cigar in this review, but if you are curious about that, reach out) which means I am really digging this.  The final third is seeing a bump in pepper and there’s a dark sweetness starting to come in. The retrohale has a nice charred wood note midway into this third. The draw is still peppery, earthy, woody, and has that dark sweetness. The finish has a nice nuttiness that hasn’t really been present since the first third. Ending at an hour and 52 minutes with the same flavor profile, the flavor and body have maintained a full level and the strength has crept up to the medium range. The cigar continued to perform great throughout the finish. 

Overall Experience

This was a great cigar for my palate. I love toastiness with some woods, earth, peppers, nuttiness, and subtle sweetness. The cacao and cream that made short appearances were an added bonus. I think that this was fairly consistent with the Short Robusto I had smoked before. I liked having the additional inch and a half with this Robusto however. I didn’t get much in the way of transitions from this Lampert 1675 Edición Azul, which is something I always enjoy, however, because this profile is right up my alley, I was happy with the consistent, near two hour smoking experience. This also was a great performer with the only knock being the short spell where the puffs needed to be more frequent. That didn’t last too long, and it wouldn’t have even been noticeable if I hadn’t been working on something in that time. This cigar is easily recommendable, in my opinion, if this profile sounds appealing to you or if you find you have enjoyed cigars that I have given positive remarks about in other reviews.

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