Principle Cigars Accomplice Classic Robusto Review

The Accomplice line from Principle Cigars is one of my favorite complete lines in the industry - maybe even my favorite. Each of the cigars in the lineup comes to you at an incredible price point and each delivers a unique, compelling experience. I promise I don’t have stake in Principle Cigars - I just am being honest. As for the subject of today’s review, the Accomplice Classic was the first of the line I tried some time ago. I knew I was going to do a review today and when I opened my humidor this morning, this is the cigar that I craved, so here is my review of it!

Country of Origin: Dominican Republic

Factory: Julián Sued & Compañía

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano 2000

Binder: Brazilian Cubra

Filler: Dominican Republic

Vitola: 5 x 50 Robusto

Price: $8.00 MSRP

Link to Purchase: The Cigar Farm (Use code “WW10” to save 10%!)

This cigar has a very clean wrapper and is quite firmly packed. There’s not much scent coming off it, maybe some floral notes off the foot. The cold draw is cinnamon raisin bread and brown sugar. First light presents a lot of medium-full bodied smoke with medium-full flavors of wood, a bit of tannins, some dark brown sugar, and baking spices. The retrohale has some baking spices and citrus. There’s a touch of earthiness in there as well. About a half inch in the palate has remained mostly the same, with the brown sugar dropping out. The retrohale is still citrusy and hangs onto the baking spices. Moving into the second third it’s rolling along with perfect construction. Some citrus has made its way onto the palate. Passing halfway the draw flavors seem to have added a bit of a raspberry tea note. The retrohale is quite smooth at this point and continues to add citrus and spice. There may even be a hint of cacao present on the finish of the retrohale. Approaching the band point the profile has turned towards more earthy, woody flavors. Coming to an end at just over an hour the flavors remained consistent and the cigar performed flawlessly through to the nub.

Overall Experience

As I mentioned, I am a huge fan of the entire Accomplice lineup, but this is tied for my favorite of the 5 blends that make up the line (all available through my site). Personally, the wood and baking spices create a nice, savory profile on the palate that is balanced out with the right amount of sweetness and tang by the citrus on the retrohale. The second half of the smoke becomes more robust with earth and wood, but all the while maintaining a nice balance with the citrus on the retrohale. The cigar is not overly complex, but over delivers for an $8 cigar. 

You’ll like this cigar if you lean towards more savory, tangy cigars.

If you prefer cigars that are more decadent and sweet, or earthy and peppery, then this may not be for you. 

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