Tasting Notes - Basil Hayden 10

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  Tasting Notes - Basil Hayden 10

  Proof: 80
  Age: 10yr
  Distillery: Jim Beam
  Mashbill: 63/27/10





Nose: dark fruit, hint of butterscotch, cinnamon, black pepper, tobacco, mint, slight vanilla, honey, sweet oak. 

Taste: thin/oily mouthfeel. charred oak, vanilla, honey, mint, tobacco, slight leather, cinnamon, clove.

Finish: short/medium length. Oak and vanilla basically dominate this one. The spice doesn’t add much to the table, but sticks out ever so slightly to remind you that what you’re drinking is whiskey and not water. The finish is short, bland, but straight forward.

Overall: I am very upset with this bottle. I always attribute value to my ratings but this one is rough. I got it for $55 on sale, but this usually goes for $70-$80 a bottle. For less than $30, you can get regular BH, which is 8 years old. Are those extra years really worth the price this time? Absolutely not. It is not a bad bottle by any means - it is just way over valued. The worst priced item from Jim Beam. It is easy to sip on, great for those new to whiskey, very soft, very delicate, but not complex.


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