Pond Fishing Sessions: Aganorsa Leaf Guardian of the Farm Cerberus Gran Robusto

I am not much for fishing, which is a shame since our one pasture has a ¾ acre pond with plenty of bass and bluegills. However, I do get the itch a few times a year to go out on a nice day and try my luck. Today is a very nice day, besides some fairly gusty winds, so I decided to grab a cigar and my rod. I am lighting up the Aganorsa Leaf Guardian of the Farm Cerberus Gran Robusto. This 2022 release is an extension of the Guardian of the Farm line and utilizes the newer Corojo 2012 leaf for the wrapper. There is also a “rare” medio tiempo leaf in the filler. I have been intrigued by the Corojo 2012 leaf and have smoked it on a couple different cigars now. I haven’t been able to form a solid opinion on it yet, so I’m anxious to give it another go and see if I can lock down some common flavors. 

Country of Origin: Nicaragua 

Factory: TABSA

Wrapper: Corojo 2012 (Nicaragua)

Binder: Nicaragua 

Filler: Nicaragua

Vitola: 5 x 54 Gran Robusto

Price: $9.98

Release Date: February 2022

Company Website: www.aganorsaleaf.com 

I do not like the band art on this cigar at all, however, I like the color choices. The wrapper on this is medium brown and very clean. This cigar is tightly packed and pretty heavy. It smells like raisins and general tobacco, like Red Man chew. The cold draw is distinctly dark chocolate covered almonds. First light is welcomed by medium bodied smoke with full flavors of sweet pepper, toast, some bakers chocolate, and slightly tannic wood. Right off the bat I need to correct the burn line a touch because one side isn’t keeping up. About a half inch in the profile has shifted to a dark cherry sweetness, some toast, and slightly tannic wood. The retrohale is a brighter fruit with cream and bread. Nearing the end of the first half there’s some cream joining in on the draw that is offset nicely by the bit of bitterness in the tannic wood and toast. The performance has been decent but it may need another touch up. The wind today could be what is causing the burn issues. Hitting halfway it is requiring some more puffing, but it is up to medium-full in body and the profile has shifted. The draw is very oily and has a ton of bright fruit - maybe citrus - followed by some slightly tannic wood and a bit of cream. The retrohale has the fruit as well, but with more cream and some spices. Hitting the band point there’s no real changes to the profile. It’s still requiring some more puffing to keep moving. The final third is showing some of the dark cherry coming back in and there’s still a fair amount of cream. The retrohale is toasted nuts and cream, followed by some sweet pepper. I have to do a bit of a touch up to fix another minor canoe. I’m past the band and the cigar is getting squishy and it seems like the wrapper is struggling to keep up with the filler. As I typed that it pretty much went out. I’m going to try to relight it to get a little more from it, but really, this isn’t a bad place to stop at an hour and 13 minutes. Coming to a close at an hour and 21 minutes there wasn’t much left after the relight, but fortunately, it relit fine and didn’t cause any off flavors. It ended by starting to show some strength - maybe medium - and was primarily some oily wood, earth, a little dark cherry, and some pepper.

Overall Experience

Overall I thought this was a very good cigar. It had its performance issues, but I think a lot of that was the result of the high winds today. It never deviated much from the main profile, but I really enjoyed the moments of cream, fruit, wood, and toast. There was also enough bitterness in the tannins and toast to add a nice balance to the experience of the cigar. I think this was my favorite experience with this Corojo 2012 leaf out of the few I have smoked so far. I think I will be revisiting this and would recommend giving it a shot.

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