Spring Cleaning Sessions: Lampert Cigars Ocean Breeze

This time of year is when I like to do some spring cleaning around the property. I don’t have a ton of time today, so I am just trying to clean up the garage a bit. I recently went through and got rid of anything I thought I needed, but haven’t used in four years. Then I moved things around to make room for a workbench. Now I need to move things to the shed, set the workbench, and plan for another work area I will be setting up.

To accompany me with this is the Lampert Cigars Ocean Breeze. The Ocean Breeze was the second cigar created by Lampert Cigars. This cigar was based around the idea of relaxation and vacation. The Ocean Breeze apparently has a salty taste that is reminiscent of the sea, thus leading to the fitting name choice. I have been intrigued by this blend, as I have enjoyed what Lampert Cigars has put out.

Country of Origin: Costa Rica

Factory: Tabacos de Costa Rica 

Wrapper: Ecuador

Binder: Ecuador

Filler: Undisclosed

Vitola: 5 x 54 Robusto Grande

Price: $11.00 MSRP

Release Date: 2022 (in the US)

Company Website: www.lampertcigars.com 

I am not a fan of the band design for this cigar. I like simple, but this is more along the lines of cheesy. The foot of the cigar smells like grape juice and cedar, which is quite interesting. The cold draw is very faint but echoes a bit of the grape juice from the scent. First light brings medium bodied smoke with mild-medium flavors. It’s a soft wood, a subtle vegetal note, and a bit of earth. Quickly the body steps up to full and the flavors to medium-full. The retrohale has a bit of the salt component that the name is touted to have been based on. The first third comes to an end with much of the same flavor. The body has a creamy texture but there’s no creamy flavor. Around halfway there is some cream flavor joining the draw, along with a bit of salted wood. The performance has been perfect. There’s still a vegetal note that’s kind of like a green bell pepper. Entering the final third there’s still a slight saltiness, along with earth, wood, and some ordinary pepper components. Nearing the end of the cigar the profile has held true since the last update and the performance has still been great. Ending at an hour and 45 minutes.

Overall Experience

Overall this cigar wasn’t bad. It was a little unique, but was one dimensional for the most part. This is easy to see based on the hour and 45 minute smoke time yielding a modest amount of review notes. The second half was a little better for my palate with more earth and pepper to make for a bit more robust profile without being overly earthy and peppery. It isn’t something I would look to be buying more of, or that I would necessarily recommend. However, I would smoke it again if it was given to me. 

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